About Election Cell North Sikkim

The Election Cell is headed by the District Collector, North, as the Electoral Registration Officer in the District with the Additional District Collector and SDMs as the Assistant Electoral Registration Officers. The supporting staff includes the Under Secretary and Lower Division Clerks. In addition, Block Development Officers (BDOs) and Booth Level Officers (BLOs) are also appointed as and when necessary to facilitate in the process of Summary Revision.

The Schedule for Special revision of Electoral Rolls, 2014

Draft Publication of Rolls      31.8.2013 (Saturday)

Period for filing claims and Objection  30.09.2013 (Monday) to 10.10.2013 (Thursday)

Reading of relevant part/ section of photo electoral rolls in Gram Sabha/ local Bodies 6.9.2013 (Friday) and RWA meetings etc & verification of names. & 9.9.2013 (Monday)

Special Campaign dates with Booth Level 8.9.2013 ( Sunday) Agents of Political Parties for receiving 14.9.2013 ( 2nd Saturday) Claims and Objections. & 15.9.2013 (Sunday) (Sunday)

Disposal of Claims and Objections 20.11.2013 (Wednesday)

Final Publication of Electoral Rolls with 1.1.2014 as the qualifying date. 8.1.2014 (Wednesday)